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Real Estate Agency ABITARE 90 by Dr. Sperindei Adriano
Via Gabrielli, 21
61032 Fano (PU) - Italy
Tel.: +39 - 0721.801582
Fax: +39 - 0721.826389
E-mail: info@abitare90.it
Web site : www.abitare90.it

The real estate agency headquarters are in Fano, in Le MarcheItaly. The agency has been developing its activity since 1980. It mainly deals with real estate brokerage within the Pesaro and Urbino Province, in the magnificent landscape of the Le Marche region which, from the Adriatic Sea, stretch toward the Umbria-Marche Apennines and are worldwide famous for the charming medieval city of Urbino. 
The real estate agency mainly operates within the seaside cities of Fano, Pesaro, Marotta and their hinterlands, and deals with commercial, residential, tourism properties. Special attention is paid to the Le Marches countryside and to its typical buildings.

The agency owner, Dr Adriano Sperindei, graduated in Law, has entered the Pesaro and Urbino professional register of Business agents for real estate mediation since 1981 (n°657), the Chamber of Commerce register for experts, the Pesaro court register for experts, and the credit mediators register of the “Ufficio Cambi”(exchange bureau) in Rome.

The agency aims at overcoming the traditional position of the mediator and presents itself as a body capable of offering its clients, besides the real estate brokerage, a wide range of complementary services covering all technical, legal, economic and financial aspects. The agency directed by Dr. Adriano Sperindei, who is assisted by skilled  collaborators, avails itself of the external counseling performed by highly-regarded professionals, such as notaries, lawyers, chartered accountants, surveyors, architects and engineers. 
We focus on clients' follow-up, starting from the first real estate project up to the final choice, we assist them on the evaluation of the best purchase loan and with all the consequent bureaucratic problems that may occur. 

For the time being, optimizing your loan is a really important issue, and sometimes it is even more relevant than the purchasing act. Our assistance goes on even during the after-sale phase, both in order to help the client solve any possible problem and, if needed, to supply the new owner with contact details of surveyors, engineers, architects, building companies, artisans and interior designers who can support him with his home arrangement and interior design. 

Our agency activity is fully computerized and, thanks to a database of over 12,000 agents in Italy, we can advertise your real estate and find buyers in any Italian or foreign city.

The  agency Abitare90 is associated to the F.I.A.I.P (Italian federation of professional estate agents) in Italy.
With over 12,000 real estate agents registered, the F.I.A.I.P. is the most representative association nationwide in Italy.

Dr. Sperindei Adriano has been one of the first F.I.A.I.P. partner from the Pesaro-Urbino province, he was also appointed Provincial President, National Councilor for the Le Marche region, member of the Commission at the Chamber of Commerce aimed at the register preservation and at the control of real estate agents’ work. Today he holds the Provincial and Regional Councilor office.
The active participation to the federation has been a fundamental element for the professional growth
of the Real Estate Agency Abitare90.

The agency Abitare90 adheres to the Adriatic Real Estate Exchange.

The real estate agency Abitare90 adheres to the Adriatic Real Estate Exchange.

This public institution guarantees a sound regulation of the real estate market, a proper real estate estimate and clearness during negotiations. The accredited real estate agencies, which have to satisfy precise professionalism requirements, assure the citizens all the positive conditions for the best results of each real estate negotiation.

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