Urbino, The "Ideal city"

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Coming up the road, surrounded by Marche country house, Urbino stands out in an unexpected way in the green hills. In the middle of the hills of the region Marche, Urbino is called the "ideal city" because it sums up the culture of Humanism and the Renaissance: the city in fact became the privileged place of the elite of the sixteenth century, especially with the presence of the Montefeltro family.

Urbino is a city harmonious, balanced, rich in culture and history. It 's the birthplace of the artist Raffaello Sanzio. Along the street (named Raffaello) is located his home turned into a museum. A little further on there is the Sanzio theatre (in honor of the famous painter), the Doge's Palace and the Cathedral of neoclassical style. Just for its beauties, the historic center was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.

Urbino is famous for the ancient Free University founded in 1506, for the well-known Academy of Fine Arts and for the School of the Book.





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