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The buying and selling activity is, according to our agency, a set of performances and services offered to our national and foreign clients, directed at guaranteeing the top professionalism and privacy during the carrying out phase of the assigned mission.

Our services consist of the provision of different real estate typologies, within the Marches territory, mainly within the province of Pesaro and Urbino: we can offer a wide range of properties from the single flat up to the detached house within urban areas and from typical countryside farmhouses to commercial buildings.
Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the estate market and of the current demands and offers, of the latest purchasing deeds, we are able to cooperate effectively with the estate's owner in order to issue a proper price estimate and assessment.

A proper real estate evaluation is therefore a real pillar so as to sell in appropriate times. We advise and assist the owners in finding all the documents needed for the sake of the right real estate sales procedure.

The most qualified real estate offers are advertised on the local and National press, on sector-based magazines, on our agency magazine and website, on Italian and foreign specialized web pages, on specialized real estate databases. Every month, we issue a newsletter and send it to our customers in order to inform them of new business opportunities from the market.

The clients, after a detailed and careful analysis about their specific needs, about the real estate typology and available loan perspectives, are taken to visit the real estate and are then informed about technical and law characteristics of the building.

The visits are properly organized, following the owner’s indications and trying not to bother him.

If our client likes the real estate and desires to go on with the purchasing deed, our agency will guarantee, if not yet available, the provision of all the mandatory legal, cadastre and urban documentation. We will also take care of the mortgage loan measures, which are indispensable to assure a relaxed and sound purchase and to draw up the purchasing contract and the following stipulation of notary’s deed of sale.

The buyers will be rightly informed about estate purchasing and managing costs and will be all the same assisted in the potential research of the best loan according to their single needs. As for foreign customers, the agency will assure the assistance and support of an interpreter during the entire purchasing transaction and during all following periods.

In case you want to buy a property to renovate, upon request, we will guarantee the presence of a skilled team composed of technical advisers who will employ their know-how to improve the property re-evaluation, by offering planning solutions and potential estimates.

Much of the agency activity is focused on the rental sector: flats, villas, commercial premises for artisanal, industrial and commercial use are available.

The properties, furnished or not, have been selected in order to satisfy annual or multi-years rent demands. According to the clients’ needs, we are able to draw up lease contracts which comply with current laws in force. We will also take care of the contracts registration and of the documents presentation to the appropriate offices within the municipality, banks and public security. Afterwards, we will support the contractors to subscribe telex service contracts in case of new owners or possible assumptions.

We select our clients and supply the owners with all the necessary information to carry out a relaxed and reasonable rental, which will be preferably supported by a bank or insurance guarantee, to assure the rent payment and to provide assurance of the tenant's responsibility.
The credit counseling and estimation survey activity is another relevant part of the agency activities.

These are activities that can be carried out thanks to the enrolment at the Chamber of Commerce register for experts of Pesaro and Urbino, the Pesaro court register for experts, and the credit mediators register of the “Ufficio Cambi” (exchange bureau) in Rome.

Dr. Adriano Sperindei, owner of the Agency Abitare90
Real Estate agent registered to the Chamber of Commerce experts register of Pesaro since 1981.

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