Le Marche and the art

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Le Marche, the Italian region where you live longer and better, where the art has its deeper roots and where, choose to buy a Property in Marche and live there, it means to integrate with its culture and its territory.


In the painting

with Raffaello: for his education was so important born in Urbino and have spent his youth there. Urbino in those years was one of the artistic center of great importance both in Italy and in Europe, where it trasmitted the ideals of the Renaissance. In that period Raffaello was able to access with his father, who was a painter and head of a flourishing workshop, the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino, and then to see, appreciate and study the important works of Piero della Francesca, Francescao di Giorgio Martini, Pedro Berreuguete, Luciano Laurana, Justus of Ghent, Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Melozzo da Forlì, artists who were instrumental in his artistic education.


In the poem

with Giacomo Leopardi, certainly the most representative poet of the Italian nineteenth century and one of the most interesting characters of world literature. We must also not forget the importance of his figure in the literary romanticism: his philosophy on the reflections about existence and human condition are of considerable importance. The lyricism of his poetry made him one of the main character in the literary and cultural setting in Europe and all over the world. Recanati ,that gave birth to the great poet and where he has lived all his short life, is a pretty town, called, like many other countries in the Marche region, "balcony city", because of the broad panorama that can be seen and it was the inspiration for many of the his poems.


In the Music

with Gioacchino Rossini in Pesaro, who lived in a house, where he spent the first eight years of his life, before moving with his family to Bologna, where following the lead of the Master Primetti, he began his rise to the elite of Italian composers. Pesaro is significantly linked to this character, so famous in the Italian music scene. The city has acquired, thanks to his famous artist, a value of music pole all over the world, where the focal point is the birthplace of Rossini, which since 1892 has been transformed into a museum. In this place, the prints depicting the main interpreters of the works of the author are preserved, including a drawing and two etchings of Dorè. Pesaro has dedicated to Rossini the Music  Conservatory, the theatre and the annual "Rossini Opera Festival" (ROF), that has become, in over 30 years of performances, a reference point for Rossini’s music.

with Luciano Pavarotti: although he was not born in Pesaro, he can be considered a foster son, both for the love that he has always had for Pesaro, both for the long periods spent in his Marche property at the feet of Mount San Bartolo, overlooking the sea, where you could see a spectacular view of the sea characterized by the rise and setting of the sun.

with the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia, the most famous festival of music and American culture of the forties and fifties in Europe and second in the world. The festival lasts for seven days during which there are live concerts, dance lessons, parades of cars and more.


In the Architecture

with Urbino which is one of the most important centres of the Italian Renaissance. Its beautiful historic centre was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Urbino, medieval house of Montefeltro, was turn, thanks to Federico, from a fortified building , into a “building city” with significant extensions and embellishments relate to the role that Federico wanted to give it;

with the basilica of San Nicola da Tolentino, one of the most important shrines in central Italy, with the wooden ceiling of the seventeenth century; of particular interest are some frescoes representing the testimony of Marche painting of the fourteenth century.

with the city of Loreto developed around the Basilica of the Holy House of Nazareth. Some studies seem to confirm the origin of the House from the Holy Land, both observing the construction technique, both the use of certain typical building materials, unknown in the Marche region and instead used a lot of time in Palestine. Some documents affirm that the house was dismantled and the stones moved by ship, thanks to the princes Angeli Conero in 1291.

with the region itself, where travelling few kilometres, we moved from city life to the wonderful peace of the surrounding countryside, characterized by beautiful nature and the typical Marche villas that offer an indescribable panorama; we passed from the mountains of the Apennines to the beaches of Pesaro, Senigallia and the beautiful rocky shores of Mount Conero. Beautiful and indescribable are the Frasassi caves, known all over the world and located in the Regional Natural Park of “Gola della Rossa and Frasassi”.


The Marche region is this and much more. It’s reductive to describe in a few lines what is this magnificent region, perfect blend of art, ancient and modern. The culinary tradition of small restaurants inland with a few guest rooms and sumptuous hotels and restaurants on the coast; the beautiful olive groves and vineyards that still have the old divisions of sharecropping and the fields of cereal farms; the typical Marche properties deep in the green hills. You can understand this only living or spending long periods in this beautiful land. You cannot lose the opportunity to buy a Property in Marche (Apartments Marche or country house Marche).

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