Fano, where sea and land merge in a perfect harmony

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Fano is a coastal municipality in the province of Pesaro-Urbino and is the third largest city by population in the region Marche.

The Fano coast is divided into two parts by the harbor: the west part called “lido”(sandy) and eastern one called “Sassonia” (gravelly). A sea characterized by shallow depths, a clean and quiet beach make this city a great place for families.

A few kilometers to the north, there is the promontory of Ardizio hill, where you can break away from city life, enjoying the country air in beautiful  Marche villas, Marche country house overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

In this city, history has left its mark. Walking through the streets you can see evidence of many eras: an abstract of all the arts and styles that give live to this unique place, Fano. We pass from the Roman age with the Arch and the Walls of Augustus, to the Middle Ages visible in the Cathedral, in the palace of the Podesta and the Malatesta fortress; you can see the Fano of the Renaissance in St. Michael's Church, in the Martinozzi Palace and in the St. Paterniano’s church. Finally, enjoying the fortune’s fountain, Nolfi chapel and Montevecchio palace you can see his baroque features.

The city is famous for its Carnival, the oldest in Italy that take place every year: the first document which describes the celebration dates back to 1347. The best moments are certainly the three parades (that take place in three different Sundays) and the launch of sweets and chocolates to the large crowd coming to join this event.

A city, therefore, where land and sea merge in a perfect harmony.