Pesaro, a beautiful city on the Adriatic sea

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The city of Pesaro is the county seat of the province of Pesaro-Urbino and it directly  faces the Adriatic sea.                      

Pesaro is an ancient city whose origins date back to the Iron Age, when it was still a Piceno village. However it was during the Renaissance that the city really began to expand and beautify thanks to the different lineages that succeeded: Malatesta, Sforza, Borgia and Della Rovere. Palazzo Ducale and Villa Imperiale were built, the walls were enlarged and the port was redesigned. In the historic center you can walk through the streets admiring buildings, museums and ancient libraries and attending the many performances that animate the city.

Pesaro offers beautiful uncrowded beaches with shallow and sandy depths, ideal for families. Hospitality its main feature of Pesaro: it is a friendly city, both for the size and for its rhythms. It’s suitable for those who love the sea, the art and sport. 

The city is also linked to the name of the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini, to whom it dedicated the Conservatory of Music and the theatre. Every year in August, takes place the Rossini Opera Festival (ROF), a series of performances of the works written by the composer, famous at an international level. A beautiful city where people can decide to live or buy a Marche property. 

Palla di Pomodoro

Palazzo Ducale

Rocca Costanza

Fontana Piazza del Popolo

Rocca Costanza

litorale Pesaro

Mare Pesaro


Piazzale Lazzarini

Palla di Pomodoro