Advice for people who buy a property in Italy.

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BUY AND SELL - Advice for people who buy a property in Italy

1. Make sure your Real Estate Agent to whom we entrust ourselves to be regularly admitted to the business agents in mediation at the competent Chamber of Commerce and fitted with a special license.

2. Demand by the forms and contracts simple and understandable.

3. Make sure that the property is fully owned and availability of those who claim to owner by requiring the title deeds and the Identity Card.

4. Before paying the deposit on the property to ascertain whether prejudicial burden transcripts, mortgages or tax liens. The checks to be carried at the Real Estate Registry in whose district the property is situated. The assessment on the situation mortgage is always done by our agency prior to the preliminary or the notary public directly or through chosen.

5. If the seller is a company (a manufacturer, a cooperative, a real estate company, a private individual or business) that fails within two years of the sale, the administrator may revoke and then cancel the sale and the purchaser in 'register of the bankrupt's creditors. So it's important to check the economic conditions of the entrepreneur. The legislature in 2005 passed a Law to protect buyers, the so-called "Security Package" which requires the manufacturer to issue a guarantee on advance payments on account paid by the purchaser at the same time to sign a ten year policy to ensure of severe risks to the property. This requirement applies to property sold before it was completed. Many manufacturers sell the apartment only to its completion and therefore are not obliged to give these guarantees.

6. Before the preliminary ensure the regularity of the property and land, however, to commit the owner to the regularization of any differences when this is possible. The validity of the sales plan of the land depends on conformity with the current state of the property.

7. Before the preliminary ensure that the property is in compliance with zoning and tax laws under the No 47/85, 724/94 and following changes, however, to commit the owner to the regularization of any differences when this is possible. The owner must declare the information in the Notarial deed of the construction license of the building, the granting of habitability or usability and the right to Amnesty issued by the Municipality where the property is situated.

8. Before the preliminary ensure that the owner is in compliance with the payment of service charges and the situation for their own takeover. However, a buyer of a property, is obliged with the previous owner to pay the costs for the current year and for the previous one. Check whether there have been resolutions of the condominium of work to be performed.

9. In the case of the signing of a purchase proposal, consider that, this proposal, once accepted by the owner, already represents a true compromise of sale, with all of the elements of the contract and the payment method. The amount, eventually paid as a deposit, must be paid by check made payable to the owner of the property, with the words non-transferable and non-real estate agent with which it comes.

10. Check how much tax you must pay.

11. Check with your Real Estate Agent or your bank, the ability to obtain financing before committing to a preliminary or a direct offer.

12. In the Notarial deed, the owner must bring the Energy Certification of the property sold.

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