The assignment of exclusive sale

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The assignment of exclusive sale. Why it's better!

Among the various decisions that the owner has to face when they decide to sell your property, be it a country house, villa or apartment on the beach or in the center (considering the selling price, the payment , release time for the property), perhaps the most important thing, for the success of the relationship of mediation and to sell a property to the satisfaction conditions, is related to the granting or otherwise of office real estate agency exclusively. Giving the office of mediation in an exclusive Real Estate Agency means fully entrust one agency to mediate the sale of their property, although of course only for the time period for which it‘s granted the office agreed to the conditions and the price requested.
This means that you agree to conclude a purchase contract only through the agency of mediation and then reports this to people who are interested in buying and that you are pointing directly at him and at the same time obliging not to entrust any other intermediary 's task of mediation.

The most significant question that can arise when considering whether or not to entrust the task of arranging exclusive, can affect the operational effectiveness of a single agency instead to give a property to several Real Estate Agencies. Now we’re illustrating the benefits of granting the exclusive to our Estate Agency Abitare 90:
First, the Agency has effectively cooperated with the owner for property evaluation and pricing, a proper assessment of the property is in fact the key fot sale in a timely manner, useless to pursue unattainable figures, but focus on the real market value; then, since we have a mandate limited in time and in the possibilities and moral responsibility to treat their own property, we will do everything to complete the mandate given to us in time, in addition to the property to ensure maximum visibility, we will invest in economic terms (higher costs of advertising in various forms, from periodic to real estate brochures, newsletters from the Web with entries in all databases and specialized portals, also depending on the type of property in question: house, villa, apartment in the city, the sea or in a historic village), and in terms of human resources, having good contractors, realtors individual with proven experience working with the agency.
Finally, the Agency has entered into an agreement with five other structured Real Estate Agencies in the area, which are immediately brought to the attention of the mandate to sell the property, and all its features, through a web-site with a common database, where these five Estate Agency can see their exclusive properties and consider them to satisfied the buyers’ need.
In this way the client seller, although given the responsibility to one agency, uses the search for the customer as much as 6 agencies, and valued by customers for many years entered and rooted in the territory in which they operate, which will be coordinated by us in the sale of his property.

The owner will avoid:
-to work with too many agencies, spending time to make contact and to visit the property to the agencies themselves;
-of having to bring home the buyers from different agencies. In this case, can arise some issues, including legal issues, such as the recognition of the right claimed by several agencies to commission the sale;
- to make an announcement or place a sign on the property private, without attracting customers informed and selected, but a wrong target: time waster, curious people who want to spend less, trying different types of property that does not have the ability to access appropriate funding.

With the exclusive, all this doesn’t happen. The owner will stop to think about his property because from that moment we will think of them, we will maintain relationships with partner agencies, or with other agencies, which do not exclude the collaboration, but that will surely select. Ultimately for us, to acquire the exclusive property is a challenge we want to win, the victory doesn’t consist merely in the acquisition, but only with the shared goal to us and to the owner: the sale of the times and ways we’ve planned.


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