Tax credit for first home again

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Tax credit for “first home again”


Who can benefit

For the benefit of those who sell a property for which the time of purchase in receipt of benefits under the "first house", the regulations recognize a tax credit if within one year from the sale, they buy another house as a "first home".
The tax credit is up to taxpayers who are not deprived of the benefit "first home", and is equal to the amount of registration tax, or VAT, payable in connection with the first subsidized purchases. Anyway, may not exceed due to the registration tax or VAT in relation to the second purchase.
The tax credit is also responsible for when you buy another house by contract or exchange. In the case of the contract, to enjoy the benefit is requested that the same is written and recorded. Can take advantage of the tax credit, even those who purchased the house through an act subject to VAT before 22 May 1993 (which then has not formally taken advantage of the facilities "first house") but not before the entry into force of Act N° 168, 1982. In this case, however, required that the buyer, even then, possessed the requirements of current legislation on the acquisition of the "first home".


How to use

The taxpayer may use the tax credit in several ways:
- A decrease of the registration fee payable in relation to the new purchase;
- A decrease of the registration fees, mortgage, cadastral, and related acts of complaints filed since the date of acquisition of credit;
- To reduce income tax payable pursuant to the declaration to be presented after the new purchase, or the declaration to the year in which the purchase was made the same;
- Offsetting other taxes and contributions due payments within the unit with the F24 model (using the tax code 6602).

To take advantage of the tax credit the taxpayer must manifest its will with a declaration in the act of buying new property and whether or not it intends to use it as a deduction from the registry tax for the same act.
If, by mistake, the quoted statement was omitted, it is still the possibility of being able to integrate the original act with the same purchase. In this case, is not precluded attributable to the tax credit, provided that the taxpayer is in possession of documents proving the existence of actual requirements.

When it is not allowed

In addition to the case where the taxpayer has fallen dall'agevolazione "first home" in relation to the previous purchase, the tax credit for the purchase is not for the following reasons:
- If the taxpayer purchased the property with the previous standard rate, for example without use of the benefit "first home";
- If the new property purchased is unqualified "first home";
- If the property is received by the taxpayer alienated by inheritance or donation, except in cases where the transfer have been paid their taxes.