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Claims and Suggestions Service

This a place where our clients can forward their claims and denounce uneasy situations they have encountered in our activity development. They can also send us suggestions that may be useful for improving our service.

" Don't ever underestimate the mistakes you made: it is just a way to improve yourself "

" Your experience comes from the daily relationship with your Customers "

" The best promotion of yourself is a satisfied customer "

These are sentences that an entrepreneur should never forget.

For many reasons, claims and suggestions management is a basic and fundamental action for our company: first of all, it allows us to improve our delivered service by considering the user's point of view and by formulating precautionary and corrective strategies; secondly, it allows to improve the satisfaction and consent around our Agency and our delivered services. It is, thus, a tool to refine and monitor the overall quality of our services and a means by which we can spread the image of an organization caring about its customers’ needs and feedback.

It is our care to answer the customer who sent us claims or suggestions about our service.

Use of customer service for the sake of innovation: claims and suggestions from our customers can be turned into market value, by thus creating a competitive advantage.

In the era of global economy, competition is always more blazing; there are increased difficulties to emerge in a market made of many contenders.

Growth and success can be attained only if we focus on inventiveness, even though today innovation opportunities are difficult to be identified and exploited.

A relevant role in the process of innovative ideas creation is certainly played by customer care service: it allows us to raise our knowledge about customers in order to offer improved services that suit their needs. The identification with the client allows the agency to focus on his requirements and hence to offer him what he desires.

If you wish to contact the Agency to communicate a claim or suggestion, you are welcome to submit it to the address below. You will receive a feedback as soon as possible.


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