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BUY AND SELL - Advices for the seller

1. Make sure your Real Estate Agent to whom we entrust ourselves to be enrolled to the Role of the business agents in mediation at the competent Chamber of Commerce and fitted with a special license.

2. Make sure that, if the sale won’t be concluded, the Agency will not require any compensation and / or reimbursement of expenses, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Be careful of those offers you the excessive valuations, the Agency can effectively cooperate with the owner for proper evaluation and pricing. A proper appraisal of the property is in fact the key to sale in the right time.

4. Demand contracts simple and understandable.

5. When conferred an “exclusive assignment”, remembering that the Agency should take very specific obligations that must be respected (effort to advertise the property, verify the correctness etc..). Also check that the “exclusive assignment” has a specified period and is not to automatically renew.

6. Make sure that your property is in order for town planning, cadastral and mortgage, remember that a property doesn’t comply with the land registry cannot be sold, and if the act of sale is void.

7. Make sure you have or get the documentation certifying the commissioning or standard equipment.

8. Before the preliminary check whether there have been resolutions of the condominium of work to be performed, remember that the work already approved the owner must pay them.

9. Check if and how much tax you pay on the sale. In fact even from 01.01.2002 was abolished the transfer tax, there is in fact an exception is considered taxable income from speculating. Speculative operation is considered that the property is resold within five years of purchase, if the property has not been used as the main residence of the transferor or his family, at least half of the period plus one day of purchase.

10. When you give the buyer the deed and the energy certification. From the 01.01.2012, advertisements must include the energy performance index (EPI).

11. If you sell a property with 5,000 or more square meters of land, or just a plot of these measurements, both in this country or in town, you will need a certificate of urban use (TOU) which must be annexed to the deed. The certificate is issued by the Municipal technical offices and in it are given the information gleaned from the urban or the Municipal Urban Planning General Development Plan, namely: cadastral data (sheet and cadastral maps), the urban use (residential, agricultural, etc.), planning parameters.

12. Do not hide with your Real Estate Agent, any technical, fiscal or economic, on the property or that may affect the marketability of the same booby. Discuss with your real estate agent the opportunity to address them, and the need to inform the buyer, who must always be informed on the situation of the property. Everything can be solved if analyzed with transparency and with the help of appropriate professionals. You must know also that Article 1490 of the Civil Code: two distinct states guarantees that the seller must provide the purchaser with respect to the vices of the property sold: "The seller is responsible for ensuring that the thing sold is free from defects which render it unfit for use for which it is intended to impair or an appreciable value. The agreement which excludes or limits the guarantee has no effect if the seller to the buyer in bad faith, concealed the vices of the thing "to each of the two cases corresponds to a different possibility for the buyer. What can you substantiate the request of the termination of the contract, and request a price reduction.


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